An Opportunity You Might Want to Consider

Do you have a Passion for Fashion a Love of People and wonder what it would be like to have your Own  Consignment Business?

Are you still in the workforce but dread going to work each day?

Thinking I’m too old to start again?

Always wanted to do something different?

Is it too late to start something new?

Taken Early Retirement by Choice or by Force ?

Now what you might ask?


And here’s an opportunity for you, you might want to consider.

Be a Part of a Team

As a Corporate Retail Manager for many years I had two real passions in my career, Marketing / Merchandising and Training up others.

Having the ability to recognize within my own team, those that showed potential to further themselves within the retail field, I was very fortunate to have the privilege of mentoring and imparting my knowledge into some of my many sales associate’s over the years and to watch many go far in their own retail careers.

Now I’m at the stage and age in life where I would like to pass the baton on so to speak in helping others take a step up, who have a desire to learn the consignment business, And its not as hard as you think , hard work yes!  but not hard, you just need a passion along with a desire to learn something new and in wanting to do something with the later part of your life.

This would be an In-House Training Opportunity, working along side me and learning the consignment business trade as you go.

Would there be a criteria? Yes, you would have a strong knowledge of woman’s clothing labels and current style’s. You would also have the following attributes, flexibility, friendliness, an outgoing personality and one who could socialize with clients and customers while working in a day to day environment.

Also the ability to use a cell phone to photograph and post those photo’s weekly to the following social platforms, Facebook and Instagram. And able to send invitations along with some newsy updates via emails to our VIP clients on a monthly basis.

Does this peak your Interest?

If you love a challenge, thrive on challenge, looking for a change, and want to get excited about life again, then this opportunity may be just what you need to give you that boost and to get going again. 

Are you ready to make a jump into the deep end and see if you can swim?

You’ll never know till you try!

First requirement!

Have a Love of Fashion, a Love of People and above all a Zeal for a New Adventure in Life.

If your thinking, Hey this is me, then drop by the Boutique and introduce yourself, I don’t need a resume:) I don’t need to know if you have any experience either.

Just be you!


Come on down… Let’s talk!









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