The Financial Part of Consigning

Your items after initial intake will be listed on a detailed inventory sheet then priced and tagged and placed on selling floor for sixty (60) days.

35% of the retail selling price on your items will be immediately credited to your account as they sell, however should you decide to trade your monies towards another purchase instore then you will receive a 45% payout towards your new purchase.

We provide complete details of items received, what items have sold, and what monies are owing to you.

Monies owed to you can be picked up anytime during regular business hours, we do cash payout less than $50. For sums over $50 a cheque will be is issued, this keeps our accountant happy.

If you wish to reclaim any unsold item, you must contact A Renaissance Woman three (3) days prior to the expiry date on your contract, thereby giving us time to pull those items from our vast floor inventory.

All dates are provided and recorded on your initial intake slip at the time of consignment so there is no confusion.

At the end of the 60-day consignment period, all unsold, unclaimed items, become the sole property of “A Renaissance Woman “.

The majority of unsold items once they become the property of A Renaissance Woman are then disposed of at the discretion of “A Renaissance Woman” we like to call it paying it forward.


A Renaissance Woman has partnered with two (2) main partners in this endeavour.

#1 “Abuse Hurts” (Canadian centre for abuse awareness) Abuse Hurts is a charitable organization that has served Canadians since 1993. The Centre’s mandate is to significantly reduce the incidence and impact of abuse through education and public awareness. Abuse Hurts operates solely on private donations with no sustaining funds from any government body.

Abuse Hurts aims to raise awareness about the true cost of neglect and abuse and currently supports dozens of organizations including children’s services, victim’s services, shelters, and other agencies that deal with tens of thousands of children, women, and men whose lives have been affected by abuse. With help from the community and corporate partners, the Centre also provides access to support, healing and individual empowerment for adult survivors, their families and caregivers.


#2 “The Kingsway” located on King William Street in downtown Hamilton, this place is part of a local church outreach into the local community where they help those less fortunate.

This initiative helps many areas of todays society from the working poor to lower income families and the hard-hit seniors of this day, and with the ever-increasing cost of everything this is much needed service in today’s tough economic climate and in some small way you are helping by donating your unsold items to those in need.

Along with clothing they give away groceries to an average of 800 – 1000 clients per week, in addition they offer many empowerment programs within the local community and all at no cost to any of their clients.

And if you’ve ever thought of volunteering some of your free time, this is definitely a great place to start, as a extra pair of hands are always welcome.