At A Renaissance Woman, It’s All About the People! 

People Like You – the consignors and customers – we do it all for you because you do so much for us! We literally couldn’t do it without you. Consignors bring in amazing clothing and accessories each new season, so our fashion loving customers can find the perfect gems to go home with. Let’s face it, its all about the THRILL OF THE FIND!

People Like Us – For me its all about taking care of my clients and customers by providing an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, with some good retail therapy in this fast paced world we live in, a place where one can come with friends or by oneself not feeling pressured into buying but by providing an  environment to enjoy the  browse and to  shop at your pace looking for those hidden treasures that might catch your eye or those specifics you have been looking for, for ages.

And mixed in with a little fun at times when we hold our special events in celebrating something special or just because.

I also like to believe we show how much we care for our customers by how the boutique is reflected in its layout while presenting itself visually impactful for ease of shopping.

As we all know, season come, season go and each season has its own reward from the Winter months to the blossom of those early Spring Flowers, which turn very quickly to the long Summer Days and moonlight nights and then just like that Summer falls in to Fall and the cycle continues.

Each season we see change and its no different in the Boutique change is inevitable, A Renaissance Woman moves within the same cycles, as does our intake.

The best designers worldwide show their fashion masterpieces twice during the year via the catwalk and we try to draw inspiration from many of the latest fashion styles being shown during those times on the catwalks of the Fashion World.

We always try to focus and mimic the many diverse fashions and footwear that are being shown when changing our seasons over and we specifically look for those look – alike items during our seasonal intake that are being made available to us.

A Renaissance Women is about Discovering True Quality, turning back to the basics of building your personal wardrobe and above all focusing on the bottom line, the tag price and ultimately the cost to you as the consumer.

Clothing is not always a commodity that is a need, but a want, we all want to look and feel good about ourselves and sometime a nice new outfit is all it takes to make us feel pretty, stylish, and fabulous about oneself.

And with this in mind a “A Renaissance Woman” really tries to source the best pre-loved fashions, footwear and accessories and offer them at affordable prices, as we fully understand its important in today’s economic climate to stretch your budget and we do our best to help you and by way of saying  thank you for your continued support of our / your local business.