Unlock the Value Hiding in your Closet

If you don’t NEED it, WANT it or USE it – CONSIGN it!

You’ll be surprised at how much VALUE is hiding in Your closet that you no longer have a use for.  A Renaissance Woman accepts both clothing and accessories such as purses, shoes, and jewellery as they are also in high demand.


Plan & Simple, We Want Your Clothes!

Seasonal Merchandise (see seasonal calendar) is accepted on a consignment basis Tuesday through Friday by appointment only, and occasionally on a Saturday when a weekday appointment doesn’t work due to your personal work schedule.

A Few Do’s and Dont’s of Consignment

Clothing and accessories should not be older than 2 years old.  Some exceptions do apply to classic pieces and these items will be evaluated at the time of consignment.

When you open an account with “A Renaissance Woman” you’ll be given a unique number for your account along with a quick intake receipt for your items received a more detailed inventory list is completed after the initial intake.

  • Do not cut the tags off your items, labels do command the most money and the quickest sale.
  • All fashion apparel must be in pristine condition, freshly laundered and coming in on hangers (your hangers will be returned at intake) or neatly folded in a tub or laundry basket, garbage bags will NOT be accepted.
  • Items must be current, no more than 2 years old
  • Items must have labels, zippers working, buttons intact
  • With no stains, snags, holes, or smoke/pet odours thank you.

Please remember ~ it’s the quality that sells, we’ll be very picky at our take-ins so please bring your best items in clean, ready-to-wear condition!

We cannot guarantee that we will accept all items — we make choices based on our knowledge of shopper preferences and our existing inventory.

If you are unsure of what might be acceptable, you are welcome to drop by the boutique during regular business hours and we will be happy to answer any of your questions, alternatively you give us a quick call at 289-337-3300 or email: maureen@arenaissancewoman.ca and we will get back to you directly.

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