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An Opportunity You Might Want to Consider

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Do you have a Passion for Fashion a Love of People and wonder what it would be like to have your Own  Consignment Business? Are you still in the workforce but dread going to work each day? Thinking I'm too old to start again? Always wanted to do something different? Is it too late to start something new? Taken Early Retirement by Choice or by Force ? Now what you might ask? IF I CAN DO IT - YOU CAN TOO! And here's an opportunity for you, you might want to consider. Be a Part of a Team As a Corporate Retail [...]

How Do Intake Appointments Work?

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The Intake Procedure All Consignors are issued a number that is uniquely yours and given a receipt with your items listed at time of intake. Each item will then be itemized by description, size, priced accordingly and recorded on a more detailed inventory intake form (see attachment 1– although we are currently looking at implementing a digital consignment software program yet to be determined until a firm decision is made we will continue to enter all items manually) once inventoried it will be attached to your Consignors Agreement Contract (see attachment 2). Each item once inventoried, tagged and priced will [...]

Introduction to Consignment

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Some interesting facts on Consignment Over the years consignment shopping has come out of the closet so to speak, with everything from clothing to accessories to furniture it has fast become one of the largest growing industries of our time. We are all becoming more and more conscious of restore – reuse and recycle. Long gone is the stigma of buying someone else’s used cast-offs. From last year’s Dior, to your Grandma’s rhinestone ring, fashion and fun, at discounted prices, is in vogue but you don’t have to get left behind as you watch all of the sales go by. [...]

How to Become a Valued Consignor

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Follow these tips to make your consignment experience successful: Make sure each item is freshly laundered or dry cleaned. We request that you bring items in on hangers, your hangers will be returned at time of intake. We cannot accept items brought in garbage bags. Neatly folded in tubs or laundry baskets are acceptable. Only fashions that are not older than TWO years will be accepted. The reason being, this is what most customers are looking to purchase; there are some exceptions which will be taken into consideration at time of intake. A maximum of 25 hanging fashion items only [...]

Your New Favorite Place to Shop

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Introducing the Best Kept Secret in Fashion Value! “A Renaissance Woman” is a long awaited dream of owner Maureen Tillett who with over the 35+ of retail experience always dreamed of having her own business, coming up to retirement age it was a 'now-or-never' lets do it moment, and she did. With help from friends and family the dream became a reality in May 2013 when Maureen opened her very first store and  hasn't looked back since. The Concept of “A Renaissance Woman” It’s an upscale consignment boutique which offers the finest in new and gently loved designer and quality [...]


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