Why Still Shop Brick and Mortar?

It comes down to those senses, feel it, see it, touch it and its tangibility but mostly its all about the customer service and that face – to – face encounter and hopefully of the good kind😊

Further Explained

It’s a sensory experience, the touch, the feel, the fabric itself or similar items is essential and that cannot be possible when you purchase from online eCommerce sites and due to this reason, many people still prefer offline shopping and the traditional boutique showroom shopping.

Trust is also a big factor, because you might know the business owner, or the business already has a reputation in the neighbouring area and hence you give the benefit of doubt and purchasing from there seems trustworthy.

Reliability is also there because many customers who have purchased from there previously might be your friends, co-workers or relatives and you can ask them questions about the store.

And finally, honestly and integrity two very important aspects of any business.

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