How to Become a Valued Consignor

Follow these tips to make your consignment experience successful:

  • Make sure each item is freshly laundered or dry cleaned. We request that you bring items in on hangers, your hangers will be returned at time of intake.
  • We cannot accept items brought in garbage bags. Neatly folded in tubs or laundry baskets are acceptable.
  • Only fashions that are not older than TWO years will be accepted. The reason being, this is what most customers are looking to purchase; there are some exceptions which will be taken into consideration at time of intake.
  • A maximum of 25 hanging fashion items only per appointment. This allows us to carry a good breakdown of sizes. Shoes, purses and the accompanying accessories are above and beyond the 25 item limit.
  • We will select the items to accept and give you a quick intake receipt, a more detailed inventory list is recorded after the initial intake.
  • How do we set the prices? We determine a base price on the brand name along with the customer demand for that particular item.
  • If we discover an item is stained or damaged after intake we will remove it from the sales floor and inventory immediately.

Ready to consign with us?

Click here to download the intake form and consignment agreement.

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