New Loungewear & Sleepwear Category

When Covid first hit last in March 2019 and everything came to a stand still, Retail as we know it  was forced to close down for a few months and with no where to go and no reason to dress up and many working from home we definitely changed how we dressed becoming more casual in our everyday wear.

Within the daywear assortment we were confronted with unlimited clothing options that give us the power to communicate who we are and still to be able to  express ourselves: and in our time of relaxation there wasn’t much choice  available that’s how I personally found it to be after looking for some comfy casual fashions for myself to wear during this time.

And we all know it has been a long 12 months of shut-in time and for me feeling somewhat frumpy and scruffy with what fashions I did not have in my closet to relax in. It was then I realized there really is a void in the market for us beautiful mature women who do want comfort cozy and dressy all wrapped in to one and then after chatting with some of my VIP clients during the times were able to open our doors, I knew I was not the only one who found the market didn’t have much to offer for this comfort complimentary loungewear / sleepwear.

And this new market is increasingly important because of a shift in our values, taste, and lifestyle. I have spent the last few months researching some available options and I believe I found some good suppliers, along with some great styles and fabrics that we all will love.


Since most “sleepwear” isn’t really for sleeping so much as it’s for those “just-woke-up-and-have-to-get-my -coffee- on- moments, the “tops” portion really hasn’t evolved much past whatever comfy-tee or fleece top is handy at the moment to throw on but now it has changed into a fashion statement of look good, feel good.

The bottoms however, being distinct to the whole “comfortwear” idea and used almost solely in that arena, have cultivated their own special kind of style. “Patterns, Plaids, Polka Dots and Novelty Prints “, and as far as the cut, they are generously sized, with both wide and slim leg and fabrics coming in a variety of soft flannel, jersey, cotton or modal

Here enters this New Category called “LOUNGEWEAR”

Loungewear is perfect for just like it states, lounging around while entertaining, having coffee with a friend, sitting on the deck of one’s balcony soaking up some early morning sun, enjoying the cocktail hour or even enjoying that dreamy sunset.

Luxury loungewear /sleepwear has become a strong statement for those take care of yourself moments and there is no better feeling than slipping into a luxurious comfortable loungewear piece of clothing to enjoy your stay-at-home day while feeling fashionable and comfy, and even when those unexpected guests drop by you won’t have to feel embarrassed cause you got caught in your jammies and we’ve all experienced one of those moments.

Or slipping into a beautiful pajama set after a busy day with this being one of those finally its my time, it’s not only about being comfortable but feeling good about ones-self.

The whole trend of luxury pajamas is steered by the desire for a good night’s sleep.

And Today, most of us, if not all of us want to feel good about ourselves, and Loungewear/ sleepwear has become a way of expressing just that.

Both loungewear / sleepwear will be an evolving line moving forward, your input and feedback are important to A Renaissance Woman in helping us to carry the right assortment for you.

Come check out this new category  and have fun shopping!!!