Covid-19 Safety

Safety Practices

Your safety and ours is paramount.


  • Complimentary hand sanitizer will be available as you enter the boutique, as well as at the coffee station and cash desk area.
  • If you have your own face masks and gloves please use them, we can sanitizer your gloves as you come in the boutique.
  • In the event you don’t have either glove or mask we can supply either or both.
  • We are only permitting two (2) clients per hour to enjoy some retail therapy.
  • All products have been in the store since March 17th and not touched.
  • For health reasons we are holding off any intake appointments at this time.

We are confident in our approach to gradually opening the Boutique in this way and we have put some restrictions in place, but rest assured these are solely for your comfort, well being and sense of security. 

Our policy is designed to create a safe environment that is user friendly, one where you can shop and enjoy yourself for an hour without feeling uncomfortable in anyway – as we still want you to enjoy your time in the Boutique.